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Special Needs Planning

What is a “Life Care Plan?"

It is a holistic approach involving a disabled person’s network of advisors in the development of a life care plan that can help the disabled person maintain the lifestyle that he or she needs. It is a coordinated program of future care planning, financial, and legal strategies for people with disabilities and their families.

Developing a life care plan is not something you should expect to accomplish in a few visits with your advisors. A Life Care Plan continually changes throughout an individual’s lifetime.

There are primary steps that should be considered and they will help you develop an agenda to help keep you on track as you consider what’s right for your situation.

You don’t have one. Why?

Don’t think you can afford it? Don’t know where to start? Think it’s too early or perhaps too late? When it comes right down to it, being proactive about developing a Life Care Plan certainly puts some work on your shoulders. But not having one could mean more work, more stress, more problems to resolve, more decisions to make under pressure-being reactive as situations arise again and again throughout life. With a Special Care Planner to help, you can take a deep breath and relax some. Come see how!