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Joseph Gaglio has been in the financial services marketplace since 2009, however it is arguable that he has grown up around this world since he was a small child. Joe, alongside his younger brother Jacob are the current third generation of a 65-year-old family practice out of New York of which their father is the current president. The practice specializes in the Qualified Plan Design Arena. In 2017 Joe and his brother decided to take the future of their arm of the practice in a more focused direction becoming a part of the Peerless Business Advisors. Joe has refined his niche spending the majority of his time within the self-employed and closely held business markets. He has a vast knowledge surrounding executive leverage in the professional sectors of legal firms, medical practices, real estate, financial institutions (hedge funds, management companies, asset management, etc), especially when pertaining to large tax exposure, executive benefits, large deductions, deductible estate planning and deductible partner buyouts. However, sticking to the Integrity motto “no business is created equal, a profitable deli needs service just as does a law firm and tax exposure at the end of the day is still tax exposure,” he certainly won’t turn any business industry away. 

Joe is an entrepreneur by heart and always looking to forge new relationships and searching for new opportunities on the horizon. He is one of the founders of the non-profit HYDRA Collective, a high-energy new-age professional network that is based across the New York region. He has been the brainchild behind a number of startups throughout the NYC and Greenwich vicinity and remains an investor in many private businesses within the tri-state. He attended the Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University and double majored in business entrepreneurship and business management. Joe thrives on always being on 24/7 and enjoys telling his story through various forms of public speaking, especially to the middle aged and younger generations looking for inspiration and added motivation in both their lives and careers. He is a member of the Calvary Chapel Church nationally.

When time allows he enjoys boating, snowboarding, fishing, golf, weight training, vacationing, cigars and cars. He currently resides in New York, NY.


Life and Health Licensed in: AZ, CT, NJ, NY, RI

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