• About Us


    Helping established business owners protect their family, business, and ownership interests through integrated solutions that help reduce risk, build wealth and improve tax efficiency



    Peerless Business Advisors serves the unique and complex financial planning needs of successful business owners and high net worth individuals. Our team of Certified Family Business Specialists (CFBS) has specialized accredited graduate-level education in the areas of advanced estate planning, business evaluation, and business succession planning. Our holistic planning process is further enhanced by distinct capabilities which enable us to help our clients reduce risk, build wealth, and improve tax efficiency while relentlessly protecting the assets they've worked so hard to accumulate.


    To always put your needs first and help you design, implement, and maintain strategies that enhance and preserve your quality of life. We help you explore, plan and execute in a manner that encompasses the three interdependent domains of your world. Most important, we will educate you so you understand the decisions being made.


    As a business owner protecting your Family, Business and Ownership interests is your primary objective. The 3 interdependent domains cross paths daily. We help you create a business strategy aligned with your vision and advisors to help you plan effectively and efficiently.

    Charting and navigating a course for your business demands more than showing up for work. In much the same way, envisioning and designing your financial future demands more than transactions. It demands:

    • Experience with complexity, dynamics, and concerns across the three domains
    • Strategic alignment and coordination of Advisors focused on your goals
    • Tax minimization, income maximization and the efficient transfer of wealth
    • Strategies and benefit program designed to attract and retain key employees
    • Quantitative and qualitative business evaluation* 
    • Maximizing and protecting business value
    • Effective business succession and/or exit planning objectives and strategies 


    Accounting services and Pension Administration services are not offered through Peerless Business Advisors or MML Investors Services, LLC. CPA's, HR Directors, Business Coaches, CPA's and Bankers are in our network of strategic alliances. Alliances are not formal relationships. You are free to choose yourown professional for these needs. 

    *The purpose of this report is to provide a range of values that can be used to begin a discussion of how the liquidation or sale of the business could impact the financial well-being of each family. It is not intended, and cannot be used, to provide a determinative value for Federal or State tax purposes